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Join in the 2023 Great Southeast Pollinator Census and Make A Difference in Just 15 Minutes

BRUNSWICK, GA (August 02, 2023) – Join the National Agriculture Extension Services and volunteers from Georgia, South Carolina and North Carolina August 18th-19th in the 2023 Great Southeast Pollinator Census! A University of Georgia citizen science project, the Great Southeast Pollinator census is designed for any age to participate and make a difference for pollinator conservation.

August 18th-19th join local volunteers at the Demere Park Pollinator Garden on St. Simons OR find a Glynn County location of your own, even your own backyard! Census counts last just 15 minutes and concentrate on a single plant/bush or a portion of a single plant/bush that shows insect activity, and as many census counts can be completed as desired. Every insect landing/visit to a flower is counted, regardless of whether it’s been there before.

“School groups, gardeners, families, businesses and individuals are encouraged to participate and only basic insect identification in the following categories is needed: bumble bees; carpenter bees; honeybees; small bees; wasps; flies; butterflies/moths; other insects,” said local Certified Pollinator Steward Nancy Neylans. “A 2023 Insect Counting and Identification Gude is available online to provide more insect identification guidance.”

Researchers, college educators, K-12 educators, city planners, businesses, gardeners and others use the collected census data for studies, journal articles, teaching, conservation efforts and planning.

“KGIB is excited to join in this effort and we encourage our volunteers to spend 15 minutes making a difference by counting pollinator visits and contributing to this important census data,” said Keep Golden Isles Beautiful executive director Lea King-Badyna.

Printable counting tally sheets can be downloaded from: and the corresponding online portal will be open on the site August 18th for data input/submission.

For more information and/or to receive a counting tally sheet contact Keep Golden Isles Beautiful: KGIB.ORG / / 912-2791490.


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