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GOLDEN ISLES PROUD Engages Business Community in Combatting Cigarette Litter

BRUNSWICK, GA (July 25, 2022) – Cigarette butts are the number one most littered item in the United States, confirmed by a quick glance at Golden Isles roadways, sidewalks and public spaces. Made of cellulose acetate, a type of spun plastic, cigarette butts do not easily biodegrade and continue to plague landscapes for decades, leaching toxins when wet.

To combat cigarette litter and help keep the community clean, green and beautiful, Keep Golden Isles Beautiful, Brunswick-Golden Isles Chamber of Commerce, Golden Isles Convention and Visitors Bureau, Brunswick Downtown Development Authority and the Golden Isles Development Authority invite local businesses to participate in a new community outreach program: GOLDEN ISLES PROUD. GOLDEN ISLES PROUD highlights the beauty and community spirit of Brunswick and Glynn County by involving and empowering businesses in the fight against this unsightly and toxic form of litter.

On the front lines, participating businesses and groups agree to maintain a cigarette litter free area surrounding their business/organization (including sidewalk and parking areas) by daily collecting and properly disposing of cigarette butts.

Participants will receive: GOLDEN ISLES PROUD window decal for display; GOLDEN ISLES PROUD electronic icon for social media use; inclusion in the participant listing on the GOLDENISLESPROUD.ORG website; mention in Keep Golden Isles Beautiful and GOLDEN ISLES PROUD social media promotions; and additional benefits.

“As Keep Golden Isles Beautiful is educating toward behavior change regarding cigarette litter, our local businesses will have an immediate and direct positive impact by actively removing existing cigarette litter from around their premises,” said executive director Lea King-Badyna. “While this program was set to begin several years ago, due to the strain of COVID on our local business community, we are just now rolling it out and are excited to involve businesses with this cigarette litter free quest.”

Funding for GOLDEN ISLES PROUD comes from a Starbucks Volunteer Community Grant, made possible by local Sam Rumph.

For more GOLDEN ISLES PROUD info, pledge form, and to get involved, contact KGIB: or 912-279-1490. Join with area businesses and organizations to be GOLDEN ISLES PROUD. Together we can combat cigarette litter and enjoy a clean and beautiful community.


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