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Girl Scouts Complete Silver Award Project

BRUNSWICK, GA (January 6, 2022) -- Girl Scout troop 30024 recently completed their Silver Award project, beach access trash bag dispensers and accompanying signage. Crafted from PVC pipes, the dispensers will keep ready bags that can be used by dog walkers, for picking up litter and for carrying beach supplies, empowering beach goers with the means to help keep the beaches clean and beautiful. The public is invited to deposit plastic grocery bags in the dispensers to help keep them stocked.

The dispensers can be found at the following St. Simons beach crossover locations: Coast Guard Station, Massengale Park, Driftwood Drive and Myrtle Street.

Girl Scout troop 30024 worked with Keep Golden Isles Beautiful and Glynn County public works on this community betterment project.

For info on Silver/Gold Award and Eagle Scout project partnerships, contact KGIB: or 912-279-1490.

Pictured (L-R): Hazel Morris, Gracie Worth, Rachel Steffey, Kendall Lemmond.


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