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In an effort to reduce waste, highlight non-traditional recycling and promote community stewardship, Keep Golden Isles Beautiful hosts an annual School Recycling Challenge each Fall. The Challenge is open to all Glynn County public schools, private schools, home schools and institutions of higher education.

Many unexpected items can be recycled when KGIB partners with TerraCycle! Each year, School Recycling Challenge collection streams target: oral care products, pens/markers/highlighters and cereal bags. The KGIB School Recycling Challenge focuses on the non-traditional recycling of items currently NOT accepted in Glynn County or City of Brunswick recycling programs.

Lead teachers receive a complete resource packet for school effort organization and during a two-week period, the Golden Isles public is asked to collect these targeted items for their favorite participating school. Drop-off your collections at our office or via your child's participating school; Challenge usually takes place during the first two full weeks each October.


Keep Golden Isles Beautiful collects and weighs the collected materials from each school at the end of the Challenge. Winning schools each receive a recycling bin and eco-friendly educational items for students. The 2014-2023 School Recycling Challenge efforts were made possible by Hello Goodbuy community grants and sponsored by Georgia Sea Grant. Since this program has begun, local school children have kept over a half ton of nontraditional items out of our landfill!

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