(L-R): Toni Tennent, St. Francis Xavier; Christy Trowbridge, Keep Golden Isles Beautiful; Dr. Cody Cocchi, College of Coastal Georgia; and Jackson and Stephanie Schwartz, Sterling Elementary.


The 2020 Keep Golden Isles Beautiful School Recycling Challenge was a big success thanks to the efforts of the 14 participating schools and contributing public. Focusing on non-traditional recyclables not currently accepted into local recycling programs, the participating schools collected 144 pounds of nontraditional recycling in 2020! Students kept cereal bags, writing implements and oral care products out of the landfill and learned about waste reduction and recycling in the process. All collected items will be shipped to TerraCycle for recycling.

Participating schools include:

  • Brunswick High,
  • Burroughs-Molette Elementary,
  • College of Coastal Georgia,
  • First Baptist Preschool,
  • Frederica Academy,
  • Glyndale Elementary,
  • Golden Isles Elementary,
  • Goodyear Elementary,
  • Remington Academy,
  • Satilla Marsh Elementary,
  • St. Francis Xavier Catholic School,
  • St. Simons Elementary,
  • Sterling Elementary,
  • Troy University

Winning schools include: Writing Implements: 1st Place, Sterling Elementary; 2nd Place, Frederica Academy; 3rd Place, College of Coastal Georgia. Cereal Bags: 1st Place, First Baptist Preschool; 2nd Place Sterling Elementary; 3rd Place, St. Francis Xaiver Catholic School. Oral Care Products: 1st Place, Sterling Elementary; 2nd Place, Burroughs-Molette Elementary; 3rd Place, Brunswick High.

The Challenge is supported by a Hello GoodBuy community grant and sponsored by Georgia Sea Grill.

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