Television Set Recycling/Disposal Options



Two options currently exist for recycling television sets in the Golden Isles

  1. KGIB electronics recycling & more event (next event date is April 24, 2021, more info to come) ($20 fee per TV set, NO projection or console units)
  2. KGIB office TV recycling program ($25 fee per TV set, NO projection or console units; call 279-1490 to make drop off appointment)

The $20 fee is charged by the recycling provider; after the units are disassembled, a small quantity of hazardous material remains that incurs a disposal fee. That disposal fee is passed on to the community member dropping off their TV set for recycling.

KGIB will hold TV sets until our next recycling event (again, no projection or console units), and we charge $5 per unit holding fee, thus the $25 for the office route. ***IMPORTANT: if you want to drop off a unit by the KGIB offices, please call us first to set up an appointment, 279-1490.


The landfill accepting both City/County trash DOES accept televisions sets. TV sets fitting inside of a City/County residential curbside trash can will be accepted as trash and disposed of in the landfill.

For larger television sets, two additional DISPOSAL options exist:

  1. Sets can be dropped off to one of Republic’s two community drop off locations, for a $28 fee which is the cost for a load of “whatever” is dropped off for trash disposal: 267-6400.
  2. TV sets CAN be included in one of two yearly City/County bulk item trash pickups, for no additional fee. To request a bulk item trash pickup, call: City/267-3703; County/554-7111.

For more info contact KGIB at or 279-1490.