Recycling in the Golden Isles

WEB_recycle symbolRESIDENTIAL CURBSIDE RECYCLING is available for both City of Brunswick and Glynn County residents. This service is paid annually through property taxes (whether you utilize the service or not). The City of Brunswick and Glynn County contract with Republic Services, Inc. If you live in the City of Brunswick and have a bright blue recycling bin with a light blue lid, here is the 2018 pick up schedule. If you live in Glynn County and have a blue recycling bin, here is the 2018 pick up schedule. More detailed City/County curbside recycling program info can be found here.

BUSINESS RECYCLING is available via both Waste Management and Republic Services. Condo associations, apartment complexes, hotels/motels, non-profit organizations, churches and all types of businesses can receive business recycling services for a monthly fee. More detailed business recycling info can be found here.

Many items not accepted in local curbside recycling CAN be recycled in our area. To give a better understanding of “what can be recycled where” in the Golden Isles, Keep Golden Isles Beautiful has created a RECYCLE GRID that can be downloaded HERE. This handy resource details where to locally recycle “hard to recycle” items.

Keep Golden Isles Beautiful has also begun a NON-TRADITIONAL RECYCLING PROGRAM in which certain hard to recycle items can be dropped off to our offices for recycling via TerraCycle.

For ELECTRONICS and certain other hard to recycle items, Keep Golden Isles Beautiful organizes an annual ELECTRONICS & MORE RECYCLING event.  For more event info click HERE.

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Contact Keep Golden Isles Beautiful for recycling information.