Mattress Recycling / Donation / Proper Disposal Options


Currently no mattress recycling options exist in the Golden Isles, BUT donation and proper disposal options are available:


Operation Bed Spread is a local organization that will pick up TWIN and FULL sized (and smaller) mattresses/box springs, clean them and donate them to local children in need. Over 900 local kids have received a bed of their very own thanks to Operation Bead Spread. Also accepted: clean/good condition blankets, sheets and bed spreads (NO BED PILLOWS). Click HERE for Operation Bed Spread contact information.

Local Golden Isles thrift stores typically do NOT accept used mattresses; a quick phone call to the charity of your choice can verify.

**BED PILLOWS are NOT accepted at any local Golden Isles charity. Proper disposal is via City/County garbage programs.



To properly dispose of a used mattress, call the City of Brunswick (912-267-3703) or Glynn County customer service (912-554-7111), depending on your home location, and schedule a bulk pickup. Residents are entitled to 2 bulk pickups per calendar year. (construction materials are excluded)

For more info: Keep Golden Isles Beautiful: or 912-279-1490.