Citizens Litter Patrol

Join the Keep Golden Isles Beautiful Citizens Litter Patrol and help fight litter bugs!

Flicked cigarette butts, tossed trash, unsecured load litter – all tossed or spilled from vehicles, can be reported with the vehicle owner receiving an official notice in the mail. Be part of the solution by joining the KGIB Citizens Litter Patrol (CLP) program and help make a positive difference!

KGIB provides Citizens Litter Patrol cards to community members in an effort to curb littering. It’s simple: after witnessing an auto littering infraction, safely complete a CLP card and return to us OR complete the online form below – the owner of the offending vehicle will receive a warning letter from local officials.

Join the Citizens Litter Patrol and help us keep the Golden Isles litter free.

If you don’t have any cards, just fill out the form below and we will take care of it!