• Storm Drain Awareness

    Storm drains are designed to manage excess roadway water due to heavy rains. Everything that is swept or poured into a storm drain inlet will eventually end up in our local water supply. Water that enters a storm drain goes directly into our creeks, streams and ocean with no treatment. Storms

  • Illegal Dumping

    Illegal dumping is prohibited in City, County and State litter ordinances and contributes to community blight. For illegal dumping, notify the following for the identified violation: Brunswick/Glynn County Police / 912-554-3645 Brunswick Code Enforcement / 912-267-3703 Glynn County Code Enforcement / 912-554-7111 Georgia State Patrol / *GSP or 912-262-2380 GA DNR

  • Scrap Tires

    Scrap tires must be disposed of properly according to local and state laws. Do NOT dump them on streets, roads, highways or in waterways. It is also illegal to burn any scrap tires unless properly permitted. Help us keep our community clean. Recycle your tires with a business that is legally permitted to

  • Hazardous Waste Disposal

    Improper handling and disposal of hazardous wastes is against the law and can result in fines and expensive cleanup costs.  These wastes include pesticides, paint, motor oil, solvents, gasoline, freon, antifreeze, batteries, cleaners and many others. Help us keep our community clean. Use proper and legal methods to dispose of any

  • Tree Buddy Volunteer Program

    With the replanting of 52 new live oak trees to replace those lost to Hurricane Matthew, volunteers are needed to “adopt” individual replanted trees and assist with their watering. The Tree Buddy Volunteer Program is a great opportunity for community members to positively impact the tree canopy in a way

  • Mattress Recycling / Donation / Proper Disposal Options

    MATTRESS RECYCLING / DONATION / PROPER DISPOSAL OPTIONS Currently no mattress recycling options exist in the Golden Isles, BUT donation and proper disposal options are available: DONATION Operation Bed Spread is a local organization that will pick up TWIN and FULL sized (and smaller) mattresses/box springs, clean them and donate

  • Television Set Recycling/Disposal Options

    Options for both the recycling and disposing of televisions exist in the Golden Isles.

  • Automobile / Vehicle Donation

    Keep Golden Isles Beautiful benefits when you donate your old automobile to Keep America Beautiful.

  • Brunswick Community Orchard Project

    Brunswick Community Orchard Project A patchwork of community orchards is being woven across the City of Brunswick in the form of citrus groves. Planted in high pedestrian traffic areas across the City, when mature, the resulting citrus fruit will be free for passersby to pick and enjoy. In 2018 the

  • Prescription Medication Disposal

    It’s important to properly dispose of prescription medications. Flushing medications distributes chemicals into local waterways, and tossing medications in the trash can lead to ingestion by children and/or animals. Two community locations are available in the Golden Isles for prescription medication disposal.