• Adopt-A Program

    Keep Golden Isles Beautiful Adopt-A groups are making a tremendous difference in our community! Volunteers from 92 Adopt-A groups perform quarterly litter pickups from roadways, parks, beaches, marshes and spots. Thanks to The Torras Foundation for sponsoring the 2020 KGIB Adopt-A Program!   Adopt-A Program participation is easy for participants:

  • Special Cleanups

    Keep Golden Isles Beautiful Special Cleanups are an easy way to difference in our community! Volunteers perform one-time cleanups of area roadways, parks, beaches, marshes or spots. Special Cleanups participation is easy: ~ contact Keep Golden Isles Beautiful for cleanup location suggestions ~ sign a contractual agreement and liability waiver

  • Neighborhood Cleanups

    Keep Golden Isles Beautiful Neighborhood Cleanups are an easy and fun way to help keep neighborhoods clean, green and beautiful! Volunteers organize regular cleanups of their neighborhoods and mobilize neighbors to help. Neighborhood Cleanups participation is easy: ~ contact Keep Golden Isles Beautiful to plan the neighborhood cleanup ~ sign a contractual agreement

  • Citizens Litter Patrol

    Join the Keep Golden Isles Beautiful Citizens Litter Patrol and help fight litter bugs! Flicked cigarette butts, tossed trash, unsecured load litter – all tossed or spilled from vehicles, can be reported with the vehicle owner receiving an official notice in the mail. Be part of the solution by joining the

  • Off-site Recycling Bins/Trailer Loaner Program

    Easily capture recyclables and reduce landfill waste with the Keep Golden Isles Beautiful Off-site Recycling Trailer and/or Bins Loaner Program – FREE OF CHARGE for events and gatherings.   Reserve the trailer/bins in advance to ensure availability. GREAT FOR: road races / special events / family gatherings Off-site Recycling Trailer (includes up

  • Recycling in the Golden Isles

    RESIDENTIAL CURBSIDE RECYCLING is available for both City of Brunswick and Glynn County residents. This service is paid annually through property taxes (whether you utilize the service or not). The City of Brunswick and Glynn County contract with Republic Services, Inc. If you live in the City of Brunswick and

  • Residential Curbside Recycling

    Turn Brunswick and Glynn County “Blue and Green” every other week with Residential Curbside Recycling – and help keep the Golden Isles clean, green and beautiful!   Residential recycling is EASY – just deposit accepted recyclable items in the home recycle bin and place curbside every other week on your normal

  • Trash Free Beach Initiative – Frequently Asked Questions

    Trash Free Beach Initiative Frequently Asked Questions Fact Sheet 1. What is a Trash Free Beach? It is a solid waste management strategy that Glynn County is currently implementing on the beaches of St. Simons by removing trash and recycling receptacles from the beach area and relocating those receptacles to

  • Litter Prevention Sculptures

    Litter Prevention Public Art Sculptures In 2015, Keep Golden Isles Beautiful volunteers recovered 65.6 tons of litter and 60.7 tons of recyclables from area roadways, waterways, marshes and public spaces.  Seeking innovative community engagement opportunities focusing on litter prevention, the organization was awarded two grants that fund a creative project

  • Business Recycling

    A question and answer section on how you can do more recycling at your business.