• Citizens Litter Patrol

    Join the Keep Golden Isles Beautiful Citizens Litter Patrol and help fight litter bugs! Flicked cigarette butts, tossed trash, unsecured load litter – all tossed or spilled from vehicles, can be reported with the vehicle owner receiving an official notice in the mail. Be part of the solution by joining the

  • Trash Free Beach Initiative – Frequently Asked Questions

    Trash Free Beach Initiative Frequently Asked Questions Fact Sheet 1. What is a Trash Free Beach? It is a solid waste management strategy that Glynn County is currently implementing on the beaches of St. Simons by removing trash and recycling receptacles from the beach area and relocating those receptacles to

  • Litter Prevention Sculptures

    Litter Prevention Public Art Sculptures In 2015, Keep Golden Isles Beautiful volunteers recovered 65.6 tons of litter and 60.7 tons of recyclables from area roadways, waterways, marshes and public spaces.  Seeking innovative community engagement opportunities focusing on litter prevention, the organization was awarded two grants that fund a creative project

  • Marine Debris

    With just one slight breeze, land litter quickly becomes marine debris.  Whether transported from land or tossed directly into waterways, marine debris affects estuaries, wetlands, salt marshes, waterways, beaches and marine environments. Storm drains routinely deposit land litter into adjacent water bodies and estuarine areas. According to to the National Oceanic

  • Georgia Coast-wide Cigarette Litter Outreach Program: GEORGIA’S COAST IS NOT AN ASHTRAY

    In an unprecedented effort, entities in Georgia’s six coastal counties have joined together to battle the nation’s number one most littered item: cigarette butts. GEORGIA'S COAST IS NOT AN ASHTRAY features traditional and non-traditional outreach activities with important messaging.

  • Salt Marsh & Waterway Cleanups

    Serving as the ocean’s nursery, salt marshes and estuaries serve an important ecological function and it’s extra important to keep land litter and marine debris out of these sensitive ecosystems.  Keep Golden Isles Beautiful volunteers routinely organize and participate in both salt marsh and waterway cleanups, providing important community service

  • Skip the Straw trash free seas program

    Skip the Straw trash free seas program Millions of plastic straws pollute our waterways and ocean, harming marine animals, such as endangered sea turtles, that ingest an alarming amount of plastics. Each year, cleanup volunteers collect hundreds of thousands of plastic straws and stirrers, which continue to make the top

  • Helium Balloon Release Awareness

    What goes up, must come down, and released helium balloons “come down” as either land litter or marine debris, potentially harming wildlife, marine life and ecosystems.  Keep Golden Isles Beautiful joined forces with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s Marine Debris Program to tackle the issue of helium balloon release debris. Many sustainable substitutions

  • Rivers Alive & International Coastal Cleanup

    Keep Golden Isles Beautiful partners with two ongoing water based litter prevention efforts: Rivers Alive and International Coastal Cleanup. Each Fall, Keep Golden Isles Beautiful volunteers perform special cleanups within the focus period of these two efforts and count specific littered items found. RIVERS ALIVE is Georgia’s annual volunteer waterway cleanup event


    Be part of something BIG – the GREAT AMERICAN CLEANUP! The country’s largest community improvement program, Keep America Beautiful’s GREAT AMERICAN CLEANUP engages more than 4 million volunteers in over 20,000 communities nationwide. During the months of March-May, join friends and neighbors across the Golden Isles and take part in Keep Golden